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1 absence of moral or spiritual values; "the powers of darkness" [syn: wickedness, darkness, dark]
2 morally objectionable behavior [syn: evil, immorality, wickedness]
3 an unjust act [syn: injustice, unfairness]

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From iniquite, from iniquitas, from iniquus.


  1. Deviation from right, wickedness, gross injustice.
    • 1994, Jules, Pulp Fiction
      The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
  2. A wrongful act.
  3. Absence of moral or spiritual values, lawlessness.
  4. Denial of the sovereignty of God.


deviation from right
  • Dutch: misdaad, afdwaling
wrongful act
  • Dutch: misdaad
  • Dutch: wetteloosheid
denial of sovereignty of God
  • Dutch: godslastering, godsloochening

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Iniquity was a Danish death metal group. Established in 1989, the band released three full-length albums before parting ways in 2004.


Iniquity was formed in 1989 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Peter Houd, Brian Petrowsky and Morten Hansen. During the first years of the band's history two demo tapes were released and they appeared on several Compilation CDs e.g. on the Fuck You We're from Denmark compilation in 1992 with the song "Torn" (taken from the Entering Deception demo). After that release Morten Hansen and Peter Houd quit the band and Brian Petrowsky was left as sole member. Claus Zeeberg (bass), Jacob Olsen (drums and backing vocals) and Carsten Nielsen (keyboards) joined in and this line-up recorded a promo tape called Promo '93. They toured for some time and recruited Mads Haarløv as lead guitarist. Again, Iniquity loses a member, this time bassist Claus Zeeberg decides to leave, he is replaced by Thomas Christensen. Yet more touring and now it's keyboard player Carsten Nielsen who leaves Iniquity. After an appearance on the live compilation Brutal Youth with two new songs "Prophecy of the Dying Watcher" and "Mockery Retained to Obturate", Haarløv leaves and Lars Friis enters the fold.
In 1995 the band signed a deal with Emanzipation Productions and entered the well known Borsing Studio together with Jan Borsing to record their first full length album Serenadium. Due to several reasons the recording got quite delayed but during this time the band got itself a larger record company in the form of Emanzipation Productions becoming a sub-division of Diehard Music Worldwide. Serenadium finally saw the light of day in the summer of 1996.
A complete line-up change occurred in 1997 but the new members didn't waste time and wrote 4 new songs which were recorded in November '97 by Lars Schmidt (Furious Trauma & Konkhra) at the Soundzone Studio and mixed by Jacob Hansen. At this time EMZ had decided to start up its own independent record company, which turned out to be Mighty Music. The first release was the The Hidden Lore EP by Iniquity in May 1998. It resulted in many positive reviews, e.g. 7/7 in Hammer (Germany) and 8,5/10 in Rock Hard (Germany).
After even more line-up changes (new vocalist, new bass player and new guitarist), the band entered the Aabenraa Studio in May 1999 to record their second full length album Five Across The Eyes with Jacob Hansen. It was released world wide through Mighty Music on November 8, 1999. Iniquity again faced a line-up change when guitarist Brian Eriksen left the band and was replaced by Kræn Meier (also member of Sacrificial). Their last album entitled Grime (once again produced by Jacob Hansen) was released in 2001 and after that only a best-of compilation album was released in 2003 before they disbanded.
After the band broke up in 2004, Mads Haarløv, Kræn Meier and Martin Rosendahl formed a death metal band called Strangler which has released one demo "Infinite Blood Abundance" but its status is currently unknown. Jesper Jensen, Rene Falther and Thomas Fagerlind have formed the band Downlord, but Jensen has since left. Brian Eriksen, Jens Lee and Martin Rosendahl are in the band Corpus Mortale.
Fagerlind and Christensen also played in the band Daemon which featured Gene Hoglan.

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